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W:NGS- Asherah by Arasiriel W:NGS- Asherah :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 1 0 Planet Stock 04 by Arasiriel Planet Stock 04 :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 2 0 Planet Stock 03 by Arasiriel Planet Stock 03 :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 4 0 Planet Stock 02 by Arasiriel Planet Stock 02 :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 2 1 WNGS Gabriel w/o hood by Arasiriel WNGS Gabriel w/o hood :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 7 0 WNGS Gabriel w/hood by Arasiriel WNGS Gabriel w/hood :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 4 0 WNGS Castiel v2. w/o Hood by Arasiriel WNGS Castiel v2. w/o Hood :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 23 8 W:NGS Castiel v2 w/Hood by Arasiriel W:NGS Castiel v2 w/Hood :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 17 0 W:NGS Cover by Arasiriel W:NGS Cover :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 6 1 Henry v2 eyes details... by Arasiriel Henry v2 eyes details... :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 4 0 Henry v2 Details by Arasiriel Henry v2 Details :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 2 0 Henry Winchester Jr. v2 w/Hood by Arasiriel Henry Winchester Jr. v2 w/Hood :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 4 0 Henry Winchester Jr. v2 w/o Hood by Arasiriel Henry Winchester Jr. v2 w/o Hood :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 4 0 Planet Stock 01 by Arasiriel Planet Stock 01 :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 5 0 Team Free Will by Arasiriel Team Free Will :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 7 0 Elf Quest Commission by Arasiriel Elf Quest Commission :iconarasiriel:Arasiriel 1 0


Deep Scream Stock by Hecate-Stock Deep Scream Stock :iconhecate-stock:Hecate-Stock 109 31 Ink Portrait 4 by faestock Ink Portrait 4 :iconfaestock:faestock 258 23 Emmeline 18 by faestock Emmeline 18 :iconfaestock:faestock 307 18 Goodbye Stranger Reverse!Verse I:3 (GIF) by L-a-m-o-N Goodbye Stranger Reverse!Verse I:3 (GIF) :iconl-a-m-o-n:L-a-m-o-N 213 18
Dark Photo-manipulation Tutorials
Dark Photo-manipulation Tutorials 
Deviantart is filled to burst with tutorials that will satisfy the hunger in any budding dark photo-manipulation artist. When fallowing a tutorial, if you want to get the most out of it, make sure to mix, match, experiment, and make it your own. Look past what a tutorial is and start looking at what it could be and you'll be creating people's nightmares in no time!
Light and Atmosphere
   Tutorial Light and Mood (Photoshop) by ED-Creations Day Into Night Tutorial (PART ONE) by SteveWackenKing
Making Ghosts (tutorial) by zummerfish Disintegration Effect Tutorial by zummerfish 
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W:NGS- Asherah
I wanted to do a photomanip + painting piece, as well as something not fanart. Try as I may, I can't seem to step away from my fics, especially Winchester: Next Generation Series - The Nth Degree 

Not sure what the deal is, besides spending so much time writing on it. At any rate, at least it works as a stand alone too. :D 

It's not perfect, but I am happy with the results (this is what you do when you are on Spring Break and have no friends around and no life lol)!

This is titled "Asherah", she is the goddess of the Canaanites and Babylonians. She was also worshiped by the ancient Hebrews where she later became "Shekinah" the Holy Spirit or the Holy Presence who is the feminine attribute of God. In Egypt, her aspect became embodied in the "Eye of Ra".

In lore, she was a mysterious mortal woman who was found by the god El (EL-ohim/Eloyin). He was fascinated by her, and after speaking with her, he asked her if she would prefer to be a sister to him or his wife. She chose to be his wife, and El gifted her with immortality. From their union 77 gods and goddess were born. The first born were the twins:

Shalim (Salem), the god of the Dusk and the Evening Star who represented completion, wholeness, rest, and peace. His symbols were the evening star and the crescent moon... he was a lunar deity; a lost god of peace, associated with peaceful completion of life. As such, he held the keys to the Netherworld... in fact, his presence is preserved in the name of the city of Jerusalem, "the settlement of Shalim". The Archangel Gabriel is a celestial decedent of Shalim (Gabriel carries the lunar symbol as his crest).


Shahar (Shakar/Sahar), the god of the Dawn and the Morning Star. He is an enigmatic deity to scholars, but his presence is found in later Solar deities. He is the Beginning, and while his nature is in contrast to his brother, it is not necessarily negative as seen in his similarities with the god Shamash, god of Justice, the god Utu, and Atum (morning sun) of which his aspect can be found in the triad Egyptian god Ra-Atum-Khepri. Shahar's symbol is the spearhead and he is believed to have taught humans how to utilize irrigation.

He is YM- who is the day

He is Hele be Shahar, of which the Archangel Samael is a celestial descendant... Samael, the fallen one who became known by the name "Lucifer", which actually isn't a name... instead it is the Latin word meaning "Morning Star" in relation to Venus as it appears on the horizon at dawn, but later became capitalized following the fame of John Milton's "Paradise Lost".  

By now, if you are an SPN fan, you might see how all this would tie into a fic. ;)

PS: If you are interested in the fic:
and if you are just interested in more related art, I have a folder dedicated to it here.
WNGS Gabriel w/o hood


a Helel ben Shalim of the Annuna

Height: 5’ 8”

Before his incarnation as an Archangel and Messenger of God; Gabriel and his twin sister (Belet) are the the line of the god Shalim. The city of Jerusalem is named after Shalim, the god of the Dusk and evening star who represents completeness, wholeness, rest, and peace. He was associated with death and the underworld.

Shalim’s twin brother was Shashar, god of the Dawn and the morning star. Lucifer (whose original name was Samael) is of the Shashar line.

Gabriel’s sister, Belet, is the wife to one of the Elohim, Enki. It is Enki and Belet who created the first humans.


Set in a future post-desolation world (2040 A.D./7 P.D.)

(SPN/Canon Divergent 9X23/Destiel AU).

The Archangel Sariel had been waiting a very long time for a sign. It finally reveals itself with the Annuna being thrown from their high place by Metatron. It's not exactly the Fall in of itself he awaited. Rather, it was the grace that the Scribe used in his spell. It is the grace of the most important of all the Annuna- the very one to whom Sariel is forever bound.

It's when Enlil's Key, is passed to no ordinary descendant of Cain, that Sariel confers with the first Son of God who tells Sariel it is time to take matters into their own hands. They send Gabriel to help Dean Winchester kill the Scribe (at the end of 9X23) as foretold, so the Unfolding may begin once more. By Sariel and the Son of God changing the outcome of that singular moment, the course of the Winchester's lives is forever changed, and a whole new future is paved for Annuna and Humanity alike.

2040 A.D./7 P.D. - Dean and Sam awaken in 2040 with no memory of the past 25 years. They find themselves in a world far removed from the one they knew and soon learn that they themselves have been changed.


As if those weren't enough, they also find themselves embroiled in a war that began between two brothers {Enki and Enlil} that ignited with the creation of humanity.

It is through the Revelation of the Archangel Sariel, that Sam and Dean learn the truth about creation, the parts Castiel and Gabriel played in the true Genesis story, the vital role the Three Spheres have in ordering the cosmos and the injustice that has been placed in their hands to make right.

Sam and Dean are called into decidedly separate roles. Rather than these separate roles driving them apart, it pulls them together stronger than they have ever been because for once, they are a untied front. This also means they no longer find themselves fumbling in the dark to find pseudo-purposes that gave them a reason to wake up in the morning only to leave them feeling empty by nightfall. First, they must come to grips not only with who they are, but who they have always been destined to become. Though, none of these things they face compare to the challenges they take on when it comes to building relationships with the sons they have no memory of having raised.

Sons born in fulfillment of a prophecy which was spun at the beginning of all creation.


This story is extensive and while the main summary focuses on Sam and Dean, the story itself explores other characters, new and old, just as much.

In the section, 'Revelation of the Archangel Sariel', you are given the Unofficial SPN 'Genesis' story.

Through Sariel's retelling of the past, you will learn how it ALL began and about the events that lead to the 'Fall of Man' as well as Lucifer's imprisonment (which is NOT what you have been told. Sympathy for the Devil? Perhaps).

You also learn just who Castiel really is and why Chuck took such a special interest in the Winchesters.

The Legacy and the Men of Letters' secrets will be revealed. Namely, who is behind the formation of The Legacy and it's purpose which separates it from the Men of Letters.

Two brand new Orders of importance will also be introduced. The Order of the Dagda-Rei and the Sages of Dagon.

The Legacy, the Order of the Dagda-Rei and the Sages of Dagon will continue to be of major import throughout the story, even up to the very end.

New characters will be met along the way, and as it all pulls together there will be some surprises as each character chooses a path for their own personal journey. What they find at the end of all things will be more than any of them had ever dared hope for. A light at the end of the tunnel.

This story was written with a big budget film in mind rather than a TV show. It also stands as my testament to the endless possibilities I see in these amazing characters, as well as the rich mythos we have been handed down.

Visit the website link above for much more...

So, I went head and made a website for W:NGS.


(Note/update: I was informed this link might be a jerk for some of you so here is the addy typed out! 
I figured given the complexity that is this series (and knowing what is coming), I think a lot of people will want to know more details about the Post-Desolation World, Characters and the Mythology behind it all. If you have a tumblr, you can feel free to follow, but I will not be reblogging from this site. It is just for information and nothing else. Any updates will be posted here and on my main tumblr. I'm certain this site will grow more as the series progresses, but I have the main links up right now. I'm still working on the pages there but feel free to click around and get familiar with the layout. 

The next chapter is going to be looooooooooooooong and it will be all back story. Hopefully getting you guys up to speed on where Canon diverged and became AU. You will learn; how Dean avoided becoming a Knight of Hell, how Gabriel IS indeed alive, how Dean gets cured of the curse, how Castiel's issues with his grace burning out is solved and much, much more. There will be lead in's to new characters as well and story arcs.

I will let you know when it is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. :)

As always, thank you all for your wonderful support and amazing love with this project. It keeps me motivated to get these chapters out faster! <3


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